Industrial Curtain Rods



Unlike  industrial curtain rods which have friction when you roll the curtain our industrial grade curtain track has roller hooks which roll easily and quickly. Industrial drapery rods also are not ideal for larger spans which can cause them to bend in the middle when heavy industrial curtains are being supported. An industrial draper rod is only ideal for very short spans where the curtain will not be opened and closed on a regular basis.



Why Roller Curtain Track?

As a premier supplier of industrial curtain hardware, we have many different variations of industrial curtain tracks which can provide you with an economical solution to hang your curtains.
Designed from high-grade galvanized steel, The curtain hardware will provide many years of worry free use and offer a very smooth rolling motion. From industrial facilities to individuals who want a do-it-yourself solution for industrial curtain track hardware, Akon is here to provide you the most economical and reliable solution.

  • Curtain rods for industrial uses cannot be added to in the future.
  • Industrial style curtain rods cannot span larger distances.
  • They are not modular like our curtain track hardware.
  • Drapery rods for industrial uses cannot expanded in the future.
  • Industrial curtain rods will wear out the grommets on your curtain.




  • Installation of the curtain hardware is very quick and simple
  • Curtain hardware comes with detailed installation instructions
  • Industrial strength galvanized steel resists corrosion
  • Length can vary from a few feet to several hundred feet
  • Nylon or steel wheel roller hooks roll with ease
  • The industrial curtain can be moved forward or backwards
  • 90° bends are available for the corners
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications



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